Startsmart for Teens and College Students

A smarter way to study and learn

Learning and development is a lifelong  journey. It is exciting, challenging, enriching and worthwhile. Understanding how you learn is an important life skill.

Startsmart is a learning and study skills programme that teaches students a smarter way to learn, study, and improve exam results. The programme has been designed and is delivered by Annie Scaife.

Annie works with students in personalised 1:1 sessions or in small groups. Often a group of friends or classmates will attend together.

What is Different?


Startsmart shows the student how to work with their personal learning style preferences. By shedding poor practices and unlocking limiting beliefs, the student gains confidence to build a healthy tolerance for stress. This offers a great sense of relief, as the student identifies with and learns to trust the best approach to achieve desired results. Startsmart engages parents in the programme. When it comes to schoolwork, the parent – child relationship can be a tense battlefield, often creating unnecessary stress on all sides! This method provides a way to manage expectations by providing a platform for better communication with regular, proactive progress checks. Where the student is referred by a guidance counsellor or educational specialist, Annie will ensure that all handovers are seamless and confidential.


Startsmart works by showing the student how to become self-reliant, focused, motivated and target driven in a way that is balanced, rewarding and saves time! The student is equipped to take ownership of their goal and understands exactly what they have to do to achieve it.




Class work:

How to get the most out of class work, i.e. notetaking, asking questions, paying attention, organising notes and listening skills.



How to effectively complete homework and schedule tasks to keep up with coursework.


Assessment and CBAs:

How to work proactively to manage class – based assessments and project work.



Preparation for Class Tests and Exams:

Understanding how and when to revise. Emphasis on recall methods and exam techniques. The no- nonsense approach on how  save time by setting up for success!


Balance and Wellbeing:

Startsmart introduces the student to a compassionate approach to mental, emotional, physical of wellness to maintain a healthy perspective, building stamina and resilience. Students will learn stress management techniques and useful tips on ‘brain food’ nutrition.


Early Warning System:

Enables students and parents to seek help and guidance in a proactive manner.


Ongoing Contact with Annie:

For students and parents to check- in and iron out any questions or concerns they may have at any time.